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Permanent import:
Peden Bloodstock also takes care of all imports. We take care of the veterinary and customs clearance and organise the onward transport to the stable if wished.

Please note import duties are as follows: - Example: Permanent import of a gelding:

Customs: 11,5 % and import duty:
Germany 7 %,
The Netherlands 6 %
of the value of the horse and the pro-rata flight rate.
In case of home moves or relocation, import duty does not apply if certain documents can be presented.
Registered breeding horses (stallions and mares that are being used for breeding) can often be imported duty free.
Temporary Import:
With temporary imports the customs dues and import duties are deposited as security.
As soon as the horse is being exported in due time and with the correct customs declaration, we will apply for a refund with the customs office.
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