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All business is executed on the basis of the General terms and conditions of the German Freight Forwarders (ADSP) latest edition only.
Our forwarders insurance according to the ADSP is contracted through the insurance broker asmarit GmbH.
All horses are handled at the owner's risk. Unless otherwise informed it is assumed that the horses carried are fully insured.
Registered office: Rheurdt, HRB: 2182 A G Geldern, Managing Director: Martin H. Atock, UK office Peden Bloodstock Ltd.
Terms of Payment
Unless otherwise agreed, all funds are payable prior to shipment.
Shipping orders that are cancelled within one week of the planned flight date can be charged according to the conditions of the airline concerned. The subsequent costs will be charged to the client.
Regulations for KLM cancellations.
Free of charge cancellation of flight bookings with KLM Cargo are only possible until four days before the planned date of departure.
For later cancellations KLM charges the following:
3 days before departure = 25 % of the freight costs
2 days before departure = 50 % of the freight costs
1 day before departure = 75 % of the freight costs
Quarantine in the USA:
USDA Quarantine Regulations
If the quarantine is cancelled up to 30 days prior to loading, 25 % of the quarantine costs are liable.
If the quarantine is cancelled between 15 to 29 days before loading, 50 % of the quarantine costs are liable.
If the quarantine is cancelled less than 15 days before loading no refund for the paid quarantine costs can be made.
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